Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits in Dallas and across Texas are available if you have been terminated. In most cases, including if the termination was a result of employment discrimination, wrongful discharge or as an act of retaliation, you are entitled to unemployment benefits.

The amount of unemployment benefits you are entitled to may depend on how long you worked for the employer and the amount of your wages. You must be eligible to work and looking for work. You are not eligible if you were terminated for workplace misconduct.

Most employers try to avoid paying terminated employees unemployment benefits by mischaracterizing the reasons for termination as misconduct, even when that is not the case. Thus, like any legal proceeding, seeking unemployment benefits can be tricky, and many employees lose their right to collect unemployment because they are not familiar with the law and the procedures.

Another way in which some employers try to avoid their responsibilities under the law is to mischaracterize your status and claim you weren’t an “employee” at all but merely an “independent contractor.” If so, you may still have a claim for unemployment benefits, as well as a separate unpaid overtime claim for wages if you were really an employee and not paid time and a half for overtime hours.

Unemployment claims are technical and can be denied if your claim is not properly prepared, handled, and presented. It doesn’t work like on television court shows where you get to just “tell your story.” Most employers have lawyers advising them. So should you.

The Kendall Law Group will provide you with a free consultation and, if you have an employment discrimination case (be it age, race, religion, sex, pregnancy, disability or national origin) case, wrongful discharge, or retaliation case, we will represent you in the unemployment benefits case for free as part of our service to you if we take your employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, or retaliation case, which we always do on a contingent fee basis. In any event, there is no charge to talk to us about your case.

So before you hit the “send” button on the online form and make your formal claim to the Texas Workforce Commission, call us. We can help. Don’t try to do it alone. The people who terminated you aren’t. Since they have legal counsel, so should you. Contact us today.Buy generic Valparin