Ex-Kroger worker alleges disability bias

the dateSeptember 13, 2012

A former Kroger Co. Employee has filed a discrimination and harassment lawsuit in federal court in Plano that says Kroger fired him because of his mental and physical disabilities.  Plano resident Karl Tipple, 24, filed the suit last week after receiving right to sue letters from both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Texas Workforce Commission.

The lawsuit alleges that the manager of the Kroger store on Custer Road in Plano repeatedly harassed Tipple for more than a year, including referring to him on numerous occasions as “too stupid to live.”

According to the lawsuit, Tipple had “multiple commendations and a successful work history” before he was transferred to Kroger’s Custer Road store in November 2010 as an assistant bakery manger.  He had worked at Kroger for more than six years when he was fired in December.

A spokesman said the company doesn’t comment on lawsuits.


Article written by Maria Halkias

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